Customizable Exhaust System


    At FBK Group Pte Ltd, we only use high quality materials for the design, supply and maintenance of kitchen exhaust systems in Singapore’s food establishments. Our team is composed of professionals who are more than willing to assist you in all your needs. Our workers provide exceptional services to ensure that the customized kitchen ventilation exhaust system is top of the line.

    A lot of businessmen are starting to lean towards operating restaurants, fast food chains or coffee shops. More and more people are becoming interested in joining the food industry. When it comes to operating establishments engaged in cooking and serving good food, the first thing that every owner must take into consideration is the creation of an effective and efficient kitchen exhaust system Singapore.

    The kitchen exhaust singapore system is necessary in every food establishment or institution. This system will clean out the air rotating inside the kitchen. As a result, there will be a cleaner area for the food preparation. There is an emphasis on the importance of having good commercial kitchen ventilation design in order to avoid faulty smell or odor on the food prepared and served by the restaurant or café.

    FBK Group Pte Ltd understands the needs of every business owner in the food industry. We put premium to making your lives easier and more convenient. With our exclusive offers and deals, you will surely acquire a highly functional exhaust system. There is no need to worry on your part!


    We provide the following services:

    • 24/7 Operations to cater varying needs of restaurant
    • Assessment of the kitchen before working on the project
    • Production of commercial and industrial kitchen ventilation system
    • Customization of a new kitchen exhaust ventilation system
    • Removal of the grease or chemical in kitchen exhaust system
    • General cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system
    • Come up with a design for the exhaust system to fit perfectly on the kitchen
    • Maintenance of the kitchen exhaust system
    • Liasing with PE for approval for approval of drawings
    • Liasing with NEA officers for approval of drawings