Integrated Exhaust Hood


    What Type of Exhaust Hoods Are There

    We provides 4 Main Types of Integrated Kitchen Exhaust Hood System;
    1. Integrated HEPA Filter or “Wall Mounted” Kitchen Exhaust Hood
    2. Integrated ESP Electrostatic “Wall- Mounted” Kitchen Exhaust Hood
    3. Integrated “Island” Kitchen Exhaust Hood
    4. Integrated “W” Kitchen Exhaust Hood for different application and requirement.


    What Do We Recommend

    KSB-YYJHUV SERIES With UV-C Odor Reduction Integrates 4th Stages of Grease Fume Extraction into the Kitchen Exhaust Hood which Simplify the installation, Saving on equipment footprint, Saving on extensive Kitchen Exhaust Ductwork and Duct Cleaning expenses to Top of the Building. Thus, Saving on CAPEX and OPEX.


    4 Stages of Grease Fume Extraction – 1st Grease Baffle Filter →2nd Centrifugal Oil Separator →3rd Cotton Prefilter →4th High Efficiency Filter Box
    Grease Baffle Filter – Drives the grease laden fume to rapidly change direction as it flows through the Grease Baffle Filter.

    Centrifugal Oil Separator – Draws in the grease fume into Centrifugal Fan and Rapidly spin grease fume. Thus, forcing the grease precipitations to Grease Collecting Cowl and Drain to the back of the Hood. High Pressure Water Nozzles – Daily washing of the Centrifugal Oil Separator at the closing of the restaurant.

    High Pressure Water Pump – Delivers pressurized water to the Water Nozzles. Cotton Prefilter – F5 (5μm ≤97%) Filter Media prolong the life of HEPA Filter Box and Filters out vapor/grease particles and reduce humility before the HEPA Filter Box. HEPA Filter Box – H13 (≤99.95%) Filter Media arranged in “V Shape” to increase the surface area. Thus, Reducing pressure drop without affecting Filter Performance and Efficiency. UV-C Odor Reduction – Reducing Odor after the 4 Stages of Grease Fume Extraction.