Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance and Cleaning


    Why you need regular kitchen exhaust maintenance

    The process of removing the accumulated grease in the kitchen ventilation system, kitchen exhaust duct, kitchen exhaust hood are known as kitchen exhaust maintenance and cleaning. This process must be made on a regular basis in order to ensure that the kitchen is safe from the occurrence of a possible fire. When too much grease are accumulated in the kitchen exhaust system, there is a high probability that it will cause ignition. As such, the likelihood that fire will take place becomes high

    If a kitchen exhaust fire does occur, and SCDF investigations reveal that the exhaust has not been maintain in accordance to the Circular dated 29th May 2014, (Below mentioned) the insurance policy may not be valid, thus may affect operator’s claim eventually.

    The maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system is also necessary for purposes of hygiene. The process will help in creating a safer work environment for the people who are responsible in preparing the food at the kitchen. At the same time, it can also result in the efficiency of the cooks or chefs knowing that they are working in a clean kitchen. The frequency of the employment of this kind of process depends on several circumstances. The goal here is to know when is the right time to call the assistance of a professional company to assist you.

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