• 300 C_inox

  • 300 C_brown

  • Parilla 130S_red_2

  • KOPA Grilling Combo with Double Parilla and Charcoal Oven

  • KOPA FirePlace with pizza oven and double Parilla

  • Grilling suite : Kopaoven, Robata, Parilla and smoking oven. All Charcoal

  • Charcoal double Parilla grill & one side electric turning skewers section

  • Custom Charcoal Parilla Grill with electric ignition and diverse grilling inserts

  • KOPA Grilling /Cooking Suite with gas range, Parilla, Smoker and Charcoal Oven

Description Model Dimensions (mm)
Basic Layout - Countertop model. Firebreak included300712(W) x 548(D) x 890(H)
OC Layout - Countertop model with heated rack. Firebreak included300OC712(W) x 548(D) x 1121(H)
SOC Layout - Self Standing model with heated rack and cabinet stand300SOC712(W) x 548(D) x 2096(H)
C Layout - Countertop model with hot cabinet.300C712(W) x 548(D) x 1121(H)
S Layout - Self standing model with cabinet stand.300S712(W) x 548(D) x 1865(H)
SC Layout - Self standing model with hot cabinet and cabinet stand300SC712(W) x 548(D) x 2096(H)